Diploma in Digital Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM)

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Digital Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM) is a unique diploma program within the engineering discipline. DIEM combines software engineering, artificial intelligence, technology management, entrepreneurship, product development, and the understanding of the business environment. In the program, students will learn to study and develop artifacts with all of the various disciplines in mind. 

The Diploma consists of 60 ECTS taught face-to-face in English by experienced Finnish UAS teachers. Afterwards, you can apply to continue your studies in Finland as a degree student. 

Application period for the DIEM was held in Autumn, 2022. The payment is due only for the accepted students.

More information at: https://www.kamk.fi/en/Cooperate-with-KAMK/Global-Education-Services-and-Export-of-Education

Use this option if you need to divide your payment (e.g.restriction on your credit card) into three different charges (3000€ + 3000€ +1500€). Otherwise, use the single payment option (7500e).


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